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    Frequently asked questions

    How can we get the franchise or agency of the company?

    SD Parivar, Saharanpur offers best quality herbal products. Interested business owner/ person can visit the company website www.sdparivar.in or contact to the resource person and apply for franchise and distributorship for all Indian cities/districts.

    Who is eligible for Distributorship of the company?

    Any Indian citizen willing to do business in best quality herbal organic products, having own premises/rented space for storage/ keeping products/ good connectivity to the road.  Such enthusiastic and challenging persons are eligible for application of distributorship.

    What are the benefits after getting the distributorship of the company now?

    Any company can sustain in the market with its quality products and good distributing channel in the competitive era of business. We are offering best quality of food grade products which are necessary in daily requirement to keep human body fit. If anyone willing to get our company distributorship would get 45% of margin in our products with exiting seasonal and festival offers. Also he has the opportunity to explore his business with quality products.

    Is there any security money have to deposit for getting distributorship/ franchise?

    For the end of financial year 2019-2020, there is no security money for the distributorship of the company.

    What would be the minimum order amount for distributorship/ franchise?

    For distributorship: Minimum order for purchase would be Rs. 2,50,000/= per month.

    For franchise:  Minimum order for purchase would be Rs. 1,00,000/= per month.

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    If you have any question on your mind, then you can contact us directly by e-mail, phone or whatsapp. We will resolve your query as soon as possible on office time.

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    If you have any suggestion for business growing idea, please share with us, or share your feedback to us for the product quality and packaging. if your suggestions are good and healthy for our business then will be implemented according to our company policy and you will be rewarded for that.